Heartless Bastards @8pm, Little Mazarn @7pm C-Boy's Heart & Soul


August 27, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
$22 advance tickets. Booths available! See below for links. No hard or electronic tickets - Will Call at the door at 6pm. 21+ only.   Tickets

Heartless Bastards @8:00pm, Little Mazarn @7:00pm – $22 advance tickets or Buy a Booth w/6 tickets included! No hard or electronic tickets – Will Call at the door at 6pm. 21+ only.

Booth #1: https://bit.ly/3wHwMte
Booth #2: https://bit.ly/3koJKJV
Booth #3: https://bit.ly/3BaAgaP
Booth #4: https://bit.ly/3klj6l3

On the new album A Beautiful Life, Heartless Bastards share a wide-eyed and radiant vision for harmonizing a broken world. The Ohio-bred and Texas-transplanted band’s first new music since 2015’s Restless Ones, A Beautiful Life affirms frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom as a songwriter with the power to profoundly influence our state of mind, often by alchemizing her idealism into viscerally potent rock-and-roll songs. With its delicate coalescence of so many eclectic touchstones—French pop and Celtic folk, space rock and symphonic pop, Disney scores and post-punk—the result is an album that immediately lures the listener into a more receptive mindset, one that leads to deeper generosity, greater compassion, and a restored sense of possibility.

The music of Little Mazarn is a cool float a few feet from the ground through a dimly lit, almost familiar forest. It is quieter than silence, big as everything, still but always moving. If you’ve ever had flying dreams, or an amazing night time bike ride on LSD, this might be a world for you. Chords are made up of notes; Little Mazarn gives them all their own moment. There are NO superfluous notes played here.
Lindsey’s kind and twisting voice ambles along over the spare sounds of Jeff Johnston’s saw bowing, Ralph White’s electric mbira wanderings, and her own slow banjo. Like DJ Screw, Bohren & Der Club of Gore, and anyone who chooses to walk instead of ride, Lindsey realizes the amazing power of slow… slow… slow music. Lindsey is at once a baby and a wise old man. Get in this canoe at dawn on some Texas river that remembers when Comanche slept under the stars.
Thor Harris