Graham Wilkinson @12am, Nuevo @10pm C-Boy's Heart & Soul


October 8, 2021 @ 10:00 pm
$12 cover. 21+ only.

Graham Wilkinson @12am, Nuevo @10pm – $12 cover. 21+ only.

Graham Wilkinson is like no other musician on the scene with charisma in spades and the songs to match. Graham will make you think, drink, dance, maybe even kiss a stranger.” Hayes Carll
“Imagine if Bruce Springsteen fronted an ‘up-and-coming’ indie band. Then imagine if they lived in So-Cal for a few years, picking up a pair of ears for the surrounding sounds. And then they moved to Texas.”  WONY Red Dragon Radio

Austin’s David Jimenez and Nashville’s Dante Schwebel, Nuevo, both grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, where they soaked in sounds from both sides of the border. Their self-described “Tejano soul” is in full bloom on this joyously multicultural eight-song debut, which features songs sung in both English and Spanish. The album was recorded at Nashville engineer Jeremy Ferguson’s home studio, but most of the band is based in Austin: Joining Jimenez and Schwebel are guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Ferrell, well-known as the duo behind soulful local outfit the Greyhounds, and drummer Nico Leophonte. Much like Spanish Gold, a one-off project that found Schwebel collaborating with Black Pumas guitarist Adrian Quesada and My Morning Jacket drummer Patrick Hallahan, Nuevo is a thoroughly enjoyable collaboration that brings out the best in cross-pollinization of regional cultures. As Jimenez puts it in press materials that accompanied the album, “Tejano culture is who Dante and I are: not American, not Mexican, not Texan, but all three. We’re simply incorporating all of those elements into what we do.”  Here’s the track “No Me Di Cuenta”